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In a few sentences, we'll explain what we can do for you.
We approach each client individually and all our attention will focus on resolving the requested service. We will hear your needs and desires and then we will advise you on what we think it would be good to do and how we would do that.

Each project does a professional, high-quality, transparent and within the agreed budget and thus avoid unnecessary problems and increase the number of satisfied long-term clients.

We do:
• Internet page (web page)
• Internet commerce (web shop)
• Internet portal
• Internet site for apartments, tourist accommodation
• Redesign existing websites
• Maintenance Website
• Sales of finished Website Maintenance
• Website
• Optimization of web pages for search engines
• Internet advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook, Internet portals ...)
• Advertising in other media (TV, radio, print , billboards ...)
• Development of applications for smartphones (Android app, iPad app and iPhone app)
• Development of applications for desktop computers
• 3D design
• product branding
• prepress
• Audio
• attentive to the needs of photography catalog and Website

Why choose us:

• Professionalism
• Quality
• Confidence
• Responsibility
• affordable prices
• Acceptable payment terms


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process in preparing the web site:


In a few steps, we'll explain what we need to create high-quality websites that will bring back a lot of effort and money and bring the necessary results.

1. For each Internet page requires a domain and web server. If you have already rented the domain and web server you can do through us. Over 10 years with the leading company in providing these services. They are characterized by a 24 hour support professional staff, helpfulness, and technical characteristics of Web Server are always at the forefront to offer the speed, capacity, but also to their security and stability.

 2. After you explain what you expect from a website and how you would like it looks we will say that all options are possible and what would be needed to make website doing its job. Take advantage of our long experience in this business and listen to our free bend and even then if for their projects hire another company.

3. The next step is the submission of materials to create a web page (text, PDF documents, photos, video, audio, PowerPoint presentations). This is an extremely important step when creating web pages and your toughest job because you have to put effort and explain what you like about yourself, your products and services. As you are not limited in time, nor the amount of data take time to do the job best. The texts are an important part not only to inform visitors, but also for positioning on the search engines. The biggest mistake customers are doing at this very step. Copying text from other pages are brought into a negative position on the search engines, so we recommend that you listen to our bend that will give you for writing texts and that you give effort and vent.

4. Design website do according to your instructions and in accordance with the technological possibilities and trends.

 5. During the development of the website will be able to access it and always be in touch to see what and how we do it, and warn us if we need to make any corrections.

6. Before you leave the site on the market, we will present you with all its possibilities.

7. Once the page leave the market, we will report it to the required services (search engines, directories, etc.), and open (if necessary) social profile in order to attract as many visitors.

8. Accordingly, we can arrange the necessary ways to maintain Internet sites with the aim to help you with the care of her work.

9. Can you monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually with an analysis of visits to the website.

If you now have all the necessary information for your new website and you know what you need or maybe you need some additional information


Some of our works

Infographic of process how websites are made


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