We are Alba Internet and marketing agency and we make beautiful web sites which brings profits to our clients.

Since 1999 the Internet marketing agency “Alba”, provide our customers to capitalize the possibilities of using the Internet with the aim of achieving better business results.

In the past 17 years of our work in almost all sectors of the economy, we created a variety of projects. The largest number of projects includes creating web pages, its positioning in search engines and advertising through Google AdWords or Facebook in order to attract as many customers.

We are also web studio that offers a wide range of professional solutions in web design and web programming, including advertising, marketing, web development and e-commerce, graphic preparation, pre-press and the creation of Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Twitter profile page.

Our head office is in Vinkovci, whit separate business unit in Zagreb, but today's technology has enabled us to arrange a variety of projects worldwide.

During these 17 years we have worked successful Internet sites of various designs and sizes, different logos and brochures, run advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook and other various channels.

Today's fast speed in the world's Internet marketing and web design company are very easy to come by and even easier to go while we are still here even after 17 years, you'll have to admit; it is a very long time.

But enough about us! Let's talk about what we can do for you?!

If you now have all the necessary information for your new website and you know what you need or maybe you need some additional information


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